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Do I need a destination wedding travel agent or destination wedding planner?

Once you decide to commit to a destination wedding, there are no limits to the number of questions you will have on everything from room pricing to dinner menus, so the more help you have, the better.

A question I am asked most frequently is do I need a destination wedding planner if I hire you as my destination wedding travel agent? Or vice versa, do I need to hire a travel agent if I have a wedding planner instead? While our names may sound similar, the actual roles we play in planning your wedding event, are quite different.

Your Destination Wedding Travel Agent

As a destination wedding travel agent, my roles are predominately around the travel planning part of the event.

My main responsibilities when working with my wedding couples are to:

  • Choose the perfect destination wedding location based on their wedding vibe & personal preferences, and of course pricing
  • Negotiate with resorts to get you the best promos on room pricing as well as perks for YOU
  • Book your travel and handle all travel issues
  • Deal with all your guest questions and travel issues
  • Coordinate with the onsite wedding department to make sure your ceremony and event details are in order…and so much more!

Your Destination Wedding Planner

A destination wedding planner is an on-site representative in the wedding department (Wedding Coordinator) at your resort whose services are included in your wedding package, and who will present you with all the planning options needed for your big day!

Their main responsibilities when working with couples is to:

  • Explain the wedding package inclusions
  • Review your décor options for your ceremony and reception events
  • Plan your dinner options (buffet vs sit down) and menus
  • Select your music and lighting options
  • Coordinate with any vendors needed such as DJs, soloists, entertainment
  • Plan and coordinate any extra events like welcome parties, rehearsal dinners etc

As your travel agent I will coordinate the introduction between you and the planner from the start, and I will work with them throughout the planning process to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to your group’s arrival/departures and room arrangements.

The one big thing to note that your destination wedding planner will NOT do, is work with your guests on arranging their travel plans, negotiate your room contracts, book your rooms or resolve any travel issues. So should you decide to skip hiring a destination wedding travel agent, you will be responsible to handle all those issues (and more) on your own.

Another thing to note, is that typically your communication with the Wedding Coordinator onsite usually does not begin until 60-90 days before your event. Since most of our couples are planning their weddings 10-12 months in advance, that leaves a lot of time to wait with unanswered questions. Luckily, our 20+ year’s experience of planning destination weddings allows us to break down the process and answer many of those questions while you wait.

So, it really is not a question of do you need one or the other but that BOTH play important roles in planning your wedding event. By working together as a team, we ensure that you get the destination wedding of your dreams! Are you ready to begin planning your destination wedding? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Or on a rooftop with a stunning ocean view, a private pavilion nestled in a tropical garden, or a jetty that juts into the sea.

Whatever your destination wedding dreams look like, we’ll bring them to life. As certified destination wedding experts, we pair you up with your ultimate all-inclusive resort, make picking your wedding package a breeze, handle all your guests’ travel arrangements, and more.

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