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What exactly is a contracted room block for my all-inclusive destination wedding and do I need one?

Once your destination and resort selection are finalized, this is the next big decision you will have to make; how to handle all the room requests for your friends and family?

We know that coordinating travel arrangements for your friends and family requires careful planning. To ensure the best fit for everyone, we highly recommend a contracted room block for all our couples.

Traditional Group Room Block Contract

This is the perfect booking option for travelers on the same itinerary who need flexible payments and cancellation policies for the entire group, plus other general group contract benefits.

A traditional group typically consists of:

  • 20 or more guests
  • 10 or more rooms/suites
  • All traveling together, but with various date combinations
  • Flight & hotel packages, or just accommodations
  • Set pricing for all travelers with a pre-reserved block of room inventory

Some points to mention about Traditional Groups:

  • the wedding couple typically pays the upfront deposit to secure their guests rooms and rates, minimum group size is typically 10 rooms or more
  • your rates are locked in as well as how many rooms are available so it’s very easy to distribute information early to your guests so they can RSVP today, or 6 months from now, knowing the prices quoted will not change (as long as availability remains)
  • if guest plans change, cancellations are allowed (penalties apply) or they can opt to change names on the room if one passenger can no longer travel but someone else wants to take their place
  • guests have a timeframe to select their travel days from for a more personalized stay
  • group benefits (if any) are outlined in your initial contract so there are no surprises or changes at the end; you’ll know exactly what you are entitled to from the start

Now on the flipside, this option does require you signing a contract that does make you responsible for things like unsold rooms. But not to worry, when you work with us, we will guide you through this process so not only do you understand exactly what you’re signing, you won’t miss any deadlines and be left on the hook for anything unexpected.

Can I tell my guests to handle their own travel arrangements and not get involved in that part?

Well…technically yes you can BUT….

For a wedding group, especially medium to larger groups of 15+ rooms, risking room availability and pricing can come at a cost to you as the wedding couple.

  • What if the hotel sells out halfway through your planning timeline? Where will the rest of your guests stay?
  • What if guests start comparing pricing and wondering why one paid more than another?
  • What if guests need to cancel their rooms but found out they’ve booked a “non-refundable rate” online because it was cheaper at the time?
  • What if the hotel is oversold and a portion of your guests end up getting “walked” to the hotel down the road? How will they get back and forth for your event(s)?

This is just the short list of things that could happen should you skip the contracted group room block and allow your guests to book on their own. How does this affect you? Not only will you have to step in as “travel agent” to advise all your guests what to do, but most importantly, you’ll be missing out on a variety of group benefits like free room nights, free private events, and even free air credit towards your airfare if everyone books through different channels. And for those guests that end up at different resorts, you could be expected to pay $100+ per person/day to get them day passes at your resort so they can attend your wedding day.

We always advise our couples to seriously consider a group room block contract for their destination wedding to make it easier, and often less expensive, for everyone involved.

Why Choose Us

Sunkissed Vacations is dedicated to ensuring your experience, as well as your guests’, is seamless from start to finish. When reserving your destination wedding with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Flexible deposit, payment, and cancellation options
  • The best vacation pricing – including flights, hotel and activities
  • Complimentary room upgrades and money-saving offers based on group size
  • Customized itineraries and group activities
  • Travel Insurance Plan, protecting your travel investment
  • Professional, personalized one-stop-shop service

If you’re ready to start planning the destination wedding of your dreams, schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Or on a rooftop with a stunning ocean view, a private pavilion nestled in a tropical garden, or a jetty that juts into the sea.

Whatever your destination wedding dreams look like, we’ll bring them to life. As certified destination wedding experts, we pair you up with your ultimate all-inclusive resort, make picking your wedding package a breeze, handle all your guests’ travel arrangements, and more.

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